Drunken Aussie Arrested After Bali Rampage, Fly-Kicking Man Off Motorbike

A South Australian man in Bali has kicked motorcyclists off his bike and stands accused of assault, but has issued an apology.

Nicholas Carr -- a 26-year-old man from Adelaide -- is being pilloried online and across Bali after he launched a flying kick and knocked a motorcyclist off his bike.

He then attempted to jump over a car, landed on his backside and was tied-up with rope and arrested by police.

Footage posted by an Indonesian Instagram page showed the man jumping around in the road, kicking the motorcyclist and leaping onto a moving car, followed by several men as they try to catch him. The page also posted a picture of Carr tied up with rope -- shirtless and barefoot, with a bloody nose, surrounded by police -- and sitting on the pavement.

The man (white shirt in background) appears to kick a motorcyclist off his bike. Photo: Instagram

Carr has apologised and offered to compensate victims of the spree where he also allegedly smashed windows at a mini-mart and a restaurant.

He also allegedly assaulted residents in their homes. He is currently in a police holding cell in the Kuta tourist precinct and was being questioned on Monday morning.

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An apprenticed builder, the man said he drank vodka and cocktails and can't remember what happened, adding: "I have drunk until I have blacked out but I have never done this before, ever."

Photo: Instagram

Carr reportedly apologised, adding: "I'll do whatever they want."

The flying kick caused the rider to crash and skid out of control while the Australian sustained only minor injuries.

Video and images showed showed the man, dressed in brown shorts and white t-shirt - being treated in hospital for minor cuts - and bruises after he charged a car on Sunset Road shouting "f**k this, f**k you, you f**king ..." and attempted to leap it, rolling off the bonnet instead.

He ran off, chased by two men.

The man jumps and collides with a moving car driving on the road. Photo: Instagram

Further CCTV footage showed the man harassing residents in their homes. Nyoman Purda told Seven News the bleeding man had invaded his home and assaulted him before escaping through a window.

"I opened my room door and he approached me and straight away pulled me by my neck. I fell down," he said.

"When I fell down, my arm got injured. My nose was also bleeding... He was bleeding when he arrived here. There was a lot of blood, also in my room."