Brutal Murder Of Dog Sparks Unexpected Outpouring Of Grief


Ruger the German Shepherd's brutal murder has sparked a mass outpouring of online calls to end animal cruelty.

Ruger was allegedly fatally attacked with a metal baseball bat by the man who lives in the home next door.

Ruger's owners claim Charles Miller came onto their property in Madison, Wisconsin after his chickens got loose and flew into their yard. Miller allegedly beat Ruger with the bat multiple times.

Ruger. Photo: GoFundMe

Ruger's owners watched the sickening alleged attack unfold in horror before them.

"Our dog laid on the floor bleeding, helpless, couldn’t even move, this guy sat on his porch and laughed," owner Regan Foster claimed on a GoFundMe page that was set up to cover Ruger's medical bills.

The owners rushed Ruger to the vet where animal care professionals counted seven fractures to his body. Photos of him after the alleged attack show a head wound so seriously his skull was broken in places. One of his paws was also completely severed from his leg.

Ruger at the vet. Photo: GoFundMe

Veterinarians had to suction blood from Ruger's nose and mouth as he lay on the floor of the clinic, barely clinging to life and surrounded by his emotional owners.

But the most heartbreaking moment was still to come.

"He was helpless ... he didn’t deserve to suffer... so we put him in puppy heaven ... it was so hard to make the decision," Foster wrote.

10 daily made the decision not to publish photos of Ruger's injuries due to their graphic and distressing nature.

Ruger at home. Photo: GoFundMe

Following Ruger's tragic death, pet owners have posted photos of their own fur babies, with signs that read #justiceforruger to urge for an end to aminal cruelty.

More than $5,000 has also been raised for Ruger's medical bills.

Madison Sheriff Richard Jones confirmed that Charles Miller was charged with cruelty to a companion animal.

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