Dog Poisoned With Ratbait-Laced McDonald's Burger Left In Park, Owner Claims

A dog has been left fighting for life after eating food contaminated with rat poison, in an alleged deliberate attack at a Melbourne dog park.

The owner, who wished to stay anonymous, was walking her dogs in the off-leash area at Bob Saker Oval, Forest Hill, in Melbourne's east on Thursday.

She said her nine-year-old miniature Schnauzer-cross-Cairn Terrier found a McDonalds takeaway bag, and began eating the food left inside.

The owner quickly disposed of the bag, and thought nothing of the incident.

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But to the family's horror, the food inside the bag -- said to be a cheeseburger -- had been "packed" with rat poison, the dog owner claimed to 10 daily.

"It took 24 hours until he threw up, and another 24 hours until he threw up again," she said.

Victoria Police confirmed to 10 daily it was aware of the alleged incident, and were investigating.

"There is an investigation into a possible dog baiting at a reserve on Mahoneys Road on August 1," it said.

At first, the owners thought their dog may have just eaten something too fast or had a bone caught in his throat, things that occasionally make him vomit.

"He was still full of beans, running around and barking, jumping into the car and onto our bed and wrestling with his friends, and eating totally normally," she said.

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But on the third day, things took a turn for the worst, when their dog began vomiting again and had black diarrhoea like "water".

"It had white and pink spots in the vomit and smelt horrendous, medicinal," she said.

"He was still eating his usual food at home but looked a bit tired."

They rushed the dog to the vet, and he was immediately taken into acute care, where he was given plasma transfusions.

The dog spent 40 hours in care before being allowed home. He still won't eat and has a low iron count, but vets are hoping his body will recover -- but it is a long waiting game for the family.

"He can't lay comfortably anywhere and isn't the dog I know," she said.

"We still don't know if he'll make it."

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The owner said there were a few other dog walkers with their pets at the park at the time, but no one caught her eye.

"They all had dogs. They didn't look suspicious," she said.

"I don't remember if there were many cars in the carpark or people at the playground."