William Tyrrell's Foster Parents Reveal Horrific Online Harassment

William Tyrrell’s foster parents have revealed the extent of the horrific online abuse and harassment they’ve suffered since the toddler disappeared, including threatening phone calls and people stalking their home.

In the latest episode of the Where’s William Tyrrell podcast, the couple reveal they have been the target of online trolls accusing them of being involved in their foster son’s disappearance, despite former lead detective Gary Jubelin having ruled them out as suspects.

One man even went as far as calling his foster father’s workplace and telling employees he was a murderer.

Another made threatening phone calls and was later charged by police over the harassment.

William Tyrrell, 3, disappeared from the NSW town of Kendall. (AAP Image/NSW Police) 

“You’re dealing with the trauma of a child missing, being right in the middle of an investigation, fighting to have your voice heard, trying to get your life back to normal… and then to be subjected to people driving past our house, taking photos, publishing it all over Facebook… we have a right to privacy,” his foster mother said.

“It actually got to the point where my husband was getting calls from this particular individual, threatening harm.”

Many of the online trolls were also breaking the law by publishing their names and images of them on social media, in breach of laws preventing the identification of foster carers and foster children.

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However, his foster parents have told 10 News First they were forced to make a decision to endure the abuse, rather than distract police from investigating William’s suspected abduction.

“Do they spend their energy looking into the social media abuse and bullying that we’ve received, and also William’s parents, or do they focus on the investigation?” his foster mother said.

“We had many conversations where we just said you know what, we don’t want the police focusing on what’s happening with us, we want the police to focus on what’s happening with William.”

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The latest episode of Where’s William Tyrrell, launched today, also includes the latest details on the ongoing criminal case against former detective Gary Jubelin.

He has pleaded not guilty to illegally recording conversations with a person involved in the William Tyrrell case.

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