Iconic Statue Could Be Protected By CCTV Cameras After Alleged Attack

NSW's Dog on the Tuckerbox could soon be protected by CCTV cameras after it was allgedly "senselessly" attacked at the weekend.

The well-known tourist attraction at Gundagai was allegedly toppled from its base on Sunday, breaking off the dog's ear and damaging its nose.

The statue was inspired by the poem Bullocky Bill which pays tribute to a fictional bullock driver's dog who loyally guarded his master's tuckerbox until death and has been a much-loved feature of the NSW Riverina since it was erected in 1932.

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The Dog on the Tuckerbox statue. Photo: Getty Images.

Now a GoFundMe page has been set up to help raise money to pay for CCTV cameras to protect it.

"Help us install CCTV and keep this Aussie icon safe, stop the vandalism and protect this loyal dog from further harm so he's around for many years to come, for the locals and the travellers," organiser Shell Bell wrote on the fundraiser page.

The page had raised $1375 by Monday night.

Gundagai mayor Abb McAlister told AAP he was certain council would consider the cameras.

Council will consider the cameras. Photo: AAP.

"I'd prefer to see that -- if you can protect him like that rather than putting a fence around him," he said.

A 28-year-old Wagga Wagga man handed himself in over the vandalism. He was charged with damaging property and granted bail to appear in court in mid-September.