Footy Star's 'Heroic' Action In Fighting House Fire Praised By Neighbours

Bulldogs NRL player Dylan Napa is used to feeling the heat, both on and off the field -- but Sunday saw him ran straight into a fire, helping to extinguish a blaze that threatened his neighbours’ homes.

The Canterbury forward, cheekily referred to as ‘Big Papi’, saw the flames from his Rose Bay apartment on William Street, and instantly ran down to help. He was among those who doused the fire with buckets of water until firefighters arrived.

The homeowners, whose property and cars were spared, told 10 News First they were grateful for the NRL star’s “heroic” actions because the professionals were caught up fighting a second blaze around the corner.

Firefighters battle the blaze. Photo: 10 News First

But Napa shrugged off the praise, telling 10 News First he simply did what any good neighbour would do.

An arsonist had set fire to a pile of hard rubbish in the street minutes after torching a brush fence off Stewart Street, which ignited a tree and then a home.

The offender was captured on security vision walking away seconds after setting the debris alight, then stopping to watch it burn.

Meanwhile, the family of five were heard screaming for help, seemingly trapped inside the burning home.

CCTV captures the alleged arsonist. Photo: 10 News First

“My husband and I woke to the sounds of people screaming and calling for help,” neighbour Samantha Skinner said.

“(We) could see smoke and flames at the end of the street so we called triple-zero.”

Firefighters helped them escape through their back garden, unharmed. Detective Acting Inspector Michael Egan-Hirst said they were not hurt.

Bulldogs NRL forward Dylan Napa was among those to rush to help. Photo: AAP

“We believe it’s an opportunistic incident, we don’t believe this family was targeted at all,” he told reporters.

Detectives have urged those responsible to hand themselves in, otherwise, they warn, they will “come for you”.