Updated: Man Arrested After Walker Injured By Fishing Line Tied Across Footpath

Sharp fishing wire was strung up at 'neck height' over footpaths, residents claim, with warnings issued and police called in to investigate.

Police arrested a 24-year-old man from Adelaide's south on Wednesday.  He's been charged with three counts of acts to endanger life.

The Christies Beach Community/Residential Group issued the warning on its Facebook page on Sunday night, posting a photo of an anonymous woman's injury.

In the post, the woman said she walked into two pieces of fishing line, both at neck height, near Flaxmill Road at Christie Downs, south of Adelaide. Police were notified and came to remove the lines.

Other users were quick to comment with their own similar experiences.

Fishing line tied around posts at Christie Downs. Photo: 10 News First

"This happened a while back in our street I caught them as they were just starting to tie the line up!" commented Glenis T-Woods.

"There was also fishing line all through the bushy garden area of the units on Guy St this morning, also at neck height," said another user, Regan Chandler.

One local resident told 10 News First her pregnant step daughter had also fallen victim to the cruel prank, just a street away from where police were called on Sunday.

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"She hit the gate, and she slung back and landed on her back, and she's three and half months pregnant," Bron said on Monday.

"She couldn't sleep, we had to get a locum out to sedate her. All she was worried about was 'am I gonna lose my baby now'?"

South Australia Police were notified of both incidents.

"It is concerning and dangerous behaviour that could cause serious injury to a cyclist or pedestrian," a police spokesperson said in a statement on Monday.

The accused man was bailed with strict conditions and will face court in September.

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