Three Teens Arrested Over 'Disgusting' Bashing Of Boy


Police allege the brutal bashing happened on Moorabool Street in Geelong, in Victoria's south, at 9.30pm on Wednesday.

Video of the incident has been posted on social media, showing three males attacking another boy while others watch on.

Photo: Facebook

The males can be seen aiming kicks at the victim's head repeatedly while he lays defenceless on the ground.

One of the alleged offenders can be heard yelling "take it off him", as the victim begins moaning and crying out.

Two 14-year-old boys were arrested on Thursday and charged with affray and assault related charges.

Both have been granted bail and will front a Children's Court at a later date.

Victoria Police confirmed to 10 daily a third boy, aged 17, has also been arrested since and is facing similar charges.

Investigations of into the incident are continuing.

The video of the alleged incident has left Geelong locals horrified at the level of violence.

Commenters on Facebook have labelled the incident "weak" and "disgusting".

One concerned woman tagged her son on the Facebook post telling him this is why she "freaks out" when he is out late.

"This is why I don't like you riding around late at night and walking in town, I had tears in my eyes for this boy!" the comment said.

Others were shocked that onlookers didn't step in and stop the assault.

"Why didn't you step in ya coward," said one person.

"What happened to the hero type coming in to save the day?" said another.

Victoria Ambulance told 10 daily it had not been called to Moorabool Street to attend a incident on Wednesday night.

A person claiming to know the victim said the boy had not received medical attention but was "ok", on a Facebook post.