William Tyrrell's Foster Parents Claim Police Are Doing 'Nothing'

William Tyrrell's foster parents have revealed they don't trust the police anymore.

“I don't trust police. I can't, based on what they're doing with Williams case,” William Tyrrell’s foster mum said.

She and her husband have made some explosive allegations against the NSW Police Force, claiming internal politics and in-fighting has derailed the investigation into their foster’s son’s disappearance.

In the latest episode of the Where’s William Tyrrell podcast, released today, his foster parents claim some senior police have ignored their concerns about the future of the investigation, forcing them to speak out.

William Tyrrell.

The pair, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, told 10 News First they were left in the dark about why former lead detective Gary Jubelin was sensationally removed from the investigation in January, finding out the allegations against him via the media.

They claim they made repeated calls to Commissioner Mick Fuller to get answers and to plead with him to allow Jubelin to support them through the upcoming coronial inquest but got no response.

They say they then wrote a lengthy and heartfelt letter, which was also ignored.

“We got nothing. And I just find that absolutely unbelievable that there was nothing,” his foster mother said.

William Tyrrell.

“That speaks volumes about the leadership of that organisation. It speaks volumes about the way they see what's important.”

The couple also levelled serious allegations at Homicide Commander Scott Cook, claiming he lied to them about the handover of information between Gary Jubelin and the new lead investigator, David Laidlaw.

They say they were told the two men were meeting regularly to do a thorough handover of the case but later found that did not happen.

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“This is thousands of items and thousands of pages. Seriously, it's not something you just go, oh, here's the filing box and good luck. It's not that simple,” his foster father said.

They also claim Superintendent Cook told them they were “not the only victims of crime” and their foster son’s case would likely be referred to the Unsolved Homicide Squad after the ongoing coronial inquest, set to resume in August.

They are calling on police leadership to ensure the case remains an active homicide investigation, claiming more should be done to catch their son’s abductor.

“I don't want William siblings to pick this up. I don't want them to have the burden of finding out what happened to their brother,” his foster mother said.

“Police think they've seen the last of us, big mistake.

“We will not give up on William. And we will not let other people give up is too important to give up on him.”

They fear the case will never be solved without Jubelin, who is now facing criminal charges for allegedly illegally recording a conversation with a person involved in the William Tyrrell case.

He will face court on Tuesday, July 30, with several homicide victim’s family members planning a protest in support of him outside of the Downing Centre. NSW Police would not respond to any of the allegations made by William’s foster parents while the case is subject to a coronial inquest.

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