'Never Lose Hope': William Tyrrell's Foster Parents Think He's Still Alive

William’s foster parents have revealed what they believe happened to the little boy, in the latest episode of the 'Where’s William Tyrrell?' podcast.

Episode six of the 10 News First podcast details the efforts both the foster parents and the police strike force made to crack the case, including the persons of interest targeted by detectives.

While William’s foster parents, who cannot be named for legal reasons, won’t speculate on who they believe is responsible, they are adamant he was abducted from his foster grandmother’s yard by an opportunistic predator.

“I think it's just been it's almost like a sliding doors. It's an opportunistic crime, crossing paths,” his foster father said.

“All those elements lining up. And just an unfortunate incident where William was at the centre.”

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Episode six details the challenge of wading through hundreds of potential persons of interest in the case, including a paedophile who lived a short distance from William’s foster grandmother’s house, who has never been ruled out.

This man will likely be named as a person of interest at the upcoming inquest, set to resume on August 5.

The boy's foster parents told 10 News First they hope William is still alive, but say they need to realistic about the chances of that after almost five years.

“You hear stories about you know, in America where people have been abducted and held in rooms and things like that for many, many years,” his foster father said.

“You have that little thing in the back of your head thinking that 'that might be the case'.”

His foster mother echoed the same sentiments.

“The logical part of your brain says most likely not. But the hope and the emotional part and the desire to see him again overrides that,” she said.

We can never lose hope.

Episode six will also detail the many false sightings of William over the past five years, including some so promising detectives thought they may have found him.

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It will also go into detail about why neighbour Paul Savage, who lives across the road from William’s foster grandmother’s house, has recently become significant to the investigation.

"I know it would be good if he was home with his parents. I’m hoping he’s around somewhere. That’s all we can do is hope for it," Savage told 10 News First.

In another episode to be released later this week, William’s foster parents make some explosive allegations against the NSW Police Force about how they’re handling the investigation.

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