Bizarre Car Chase As Man In Halloween Mask Plays With Strangers On Beach

A man in a bright costume led police on a weird chase, as he hung out the sunroof of his car then ran to play with strangers on the beach before being arrested.

It started around 3pm Saturday, when officers were following a black BMW in southern California.

Things took a turn when witnesses say the driver stood up and sat on the roof, wearing a Halloween mask.

The chase ended on Venice Boulevarde but the suspect wasn't finished. He ran from the car and onto the beach nearby.

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Vision showed him approaching two people playing on the beach, with one burying the other in the sand. The driver helped heap sand on the other, then gave him a high-five.

A large crowd gathered, and people started filming with their phones.

Ultimately, officers took the driver into custody. The passenger was not arrested. Fortunately nobody was hurt.

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Police have not identified the driver or the passenger.