Brisbane Standoff With Armed Man Ends Peacefully After Seven Hours

Busy streets were locked down after a man allegedly stole knives from a cafe and jumped onto the entrance to the Clem7 tunnel.

Around 7am Thursday, police allege a man entered a Kangaroo Point cafe and demand workers hand over knives. He then fled the scene, jumping onto the Shafston Avenue entrance of the Clem7 tunnel.

Police were forced to shut down traffic on busy Shafston Avenue, throwing the peak morning commute into chaos.

A man holds a knife while standing on the entrance to the Clem7 Tunnel. Photo: 10 News First

Michelle, the manager of Little Smirk Cafe, claimed to 10 News First that the man was "irrational" when he entered the cafe.

"The girls have given the knifes... he's cornered them... he's ran out, they've locked the doors and they were getting to lock the last one and he's charged in again, pushed a customer over... and he's bolted through the park where the cops have gone after him," she said.

Little Smirk Cafe was closed after being caught up in Thursday's siege. Photo: 10 News First

The man could be seen walking around on the roof as police negotiators attempted to talk to him, at times he appeared to be yelling back abusively at them while waving knives about.

Around 1:30pm the man took off his jumper and was seen to be more positively interacting with police. It is understood the man surrendered, and within minutes a cherry picker was brought in and used to to pick the man up from the tunnel roof.

A cherry picker was brought in to help the man off the tunnel entrance. Photo: 10 News First

The man was taken away in handcuffs, and was taken to Princess Alexander Hospital for assessment. Queensland Police have not yet publicly given an update on the man, or any potential charges.