Driver Caught Using Leaf Blower As Engine Cooler

'Homemade' modifications to a car left police shocked in New South Wales.

A white Holden Commodore was pulled over in the western Sydney suburb of Dharruk for a random breath test on Tuesday, when police inspected the vehicle.

Photo: NSW Police

It was found to have worn out tyres, but modifications under the hood are what caught the eyes of police.

A "garden variety" leaf blower was found in the vehicle's air filter box, NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol Command said.

"It was wired to the engine's battery in order to blow air into the engine," it said in a statement.

Photo: NSW Police

The driver, 35, told police the "homemade" modification was designed to improve the engine's performance.

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The driver also tested positively to methamphetamines and placed under arrest. A second test at Mt Druitt Police Station also came back positive.

Photo: NSW Police

He was issued with a 24 hour driving probation notice and the car was given a defect notice.

Police are awaiting laboratory results to confirm the man was driving under the influence of a prohibited drug.