Alleged Robbers Use Stolen Credit Card To Take Taxi To Their Own House

Police say "good old-fashioned detective work" led to the arrest of two men accused of threatening a woman at gunpoint and stealing her things.

Sen Yu was walking home from Canterbury Station when she was accosted by two men, who allegedly pointed a gun pointed.

The 24-year-old had a brief scuffle with the two large men, who demanded she give them her handbag and everything in it.

Gun allegedly used in the robbery. Photo: NSW Police

But the robbers’ sloppy use of her bank card in the minutes after the alleged robbery, was where their plan quickly unravelled.

They stopped at two petrol stations for food and cigarettes, spending $163.44, with both transactions captured on security cameras.

Making it even easier, according to police, the men then caught a taxi right to one of their homes.

Within days, the two alleged offenders were arrested, accused of armed robbery and three fraud charges.

A weapon allegedly used in the robbery. Photo: NSW Police

Additionally, during a search of homes at Canterbury and Marrickville, detectives say they found the stolen possessions as well as two fake guns and what they describe as a samurai sword.

Detective Chief Inspector Ian Pryde said “good old fashioned detective work” was what helped track down the two accused.

“A vulnerable person late at night should all be able to walk the streets safely without fear of this sort of thing happening,” he told reporters.

“(She) was of the firm belief it was a genuine firearm.”

Photo: NSW Police

On Wednesday, one of the men applied for bail in Burwood Local Court, supported by his girlfriend of four years.

His lawyer argued that his mental health conditions and Indigenous heritage “will make him an incredibly vulnerable person in custody”.

“A significant jail term would be debilitating and devastating and would set him back…for the rest of his life,” the lawyer said.

Magistrate Rodgers considered this, balancing it with what he called “an extremely serious offence” which carries a maximum penalty of 25 years imprisonment, and the use of what was described as "a dangerous weapon".

Photo: NSW Police

The magistrate refused the 19-year-old’s bail due to the serious nature of the crime and the strong case against him, with police saying they found a number of the stolen items at his home.

The other man, 21, also faced Newtown Local Court but didn’t apply for bail.

Both men will be back before a magistrate in eight weeks.