Woman Hunts Down Car Thief, Takes Her Toyota Back

A woman decided to take matters into her own hands, tracking down her stolen vehicle and filming the whole incident for social media.

The Missouri woman spent days hunting down a thief who stole her car, live-streaming the incident on Facebook.

Danielle Reno had filed a police report of her stolen vehicle, but after getting frustrated at the slow response, took action herself.

She successfully tracked down the person who took her car by viewing purchases made from her credit card as well as using GPS tracking from her mobile phone to visit each store.

Photo: Facebook

A worker at a petrol station had allegedly overheard the thief's conversation with another woman, and told Reno that they were headed towards an Applebee's restaurant.

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Once she noticed the thief going inside, Reno went to her car and took back what was rightfully hers.

After Reno took off in her Toyota, she started filming and can be heard listing the items that were left inside the vehicle.

"I got her cigarettes and whatever kind of drug pipe that is and I'm about to pull over in a mile down the street and call the cops," she said.

The alleged thief, arrested outside the restaurant. Photo: Facebook

"I'm shaking, so I need to call the cops so she'll get arrested," Reno continued.

"It would give me great glory to bash her face in right now, but I won't do that because it's against the law and I don't wanna go to jail."

Police arrived at the scene and arrested the alleged thief, as she was still holding some of Reno's other possessions in her hands, and two people who may have been involved in the crime.

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