Mum Devastated After Every Memory Of Stillborn Baby Stolen From Car

The bereaved mother of a stillborn baby has made an emotional plea to heartless thieves who stole a box filled with her only memories of her child.

The treasured items -- including pictures, a blanket, a teddy, an ultrasound video and a lock of her baby's hair -- were taken from Natalie Bell's car when she and her partner Cain Mouat moved house over the weekend.

They were forced to leave the vehicle on a country highway near Ballarat when it broke down. Just five hours later, everything they owned was gone.

"[Cain] just put his arms around me, I was just devastated," Natalie told 10 News First.

The thieves left a wallet and a few other items lying on the side of the road. The couple desperately searched the area hoping the memory box would be there, but it was nowhere to be found.

Everything Natalie had to remember her son by was stolen. Photo: 10 News First.

"They can have everything in the car, they can have every single item that they've taken from the car, apart from that box. Just give us the box back," Cain pleaded.

The couple reported the theft to police, who took finger prints and seized a screwdriver and a glove from the crime scene.

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The pair was struggling to make ends meet financially before the theft, but now all they want is for the thieves to return what can't be replaced.

"If they do see this, don't throw it away, don't put it in the gutter, please," Natalie said.

Natalie Bell says all she wants is to have her son's memories returned. Photo: Facebook.

Cain questioned why strangers would want to keep someone else's personal treasure.

"If they do keep it, I hope it haunts them for the rest if their life," he said.

Anyone with information about the theft or the missing memory box should contact police.

Natalie has also set up a Facebook page. To help, visit this link.