Perth Cafe Charged Over 'Marijuana Brownie' Eaten By Children

Two young children and their mother allege they unwittingly ate a marijuana-laced brownie sold to them at a Perth cafe, with a cafe owner now charged.

The complainants, known only as Michael and Sharon, told the ABC their family went to the Bada Bing Cafe in Woodlands on March 2.

Afterwards their five-year-old daughter Emily described things as "jumping" and her vision became impaired, they said.

They went to hospital and soon Sharon began developing similar symptoms, while their three-year-old son Thomas was drowsy.

Hospital tests showed Sharon and the two children all had traces of marijuana in their system, according to the ABC.

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Michael, who did not eat the brownie or have any symptoms, said he returned to the cafe the next day and bought another brownie.

"(I) put it straight in the freezer and then a week or so later the police came and took that away," he told ABC radio on Tuesday.

Analysis of one brownie confirmed the presence of THC and other cannabinoids, a spokeswoman for the City of Stirling council said.

It is not known how the marijuana allegedly came to be in the brownie.

Following a council investigation, business owner Nathan Sharp, trading as Bada Bing Cafe, was charged with two counts of selling food that was unsuitable on March 2 and 3.

He is scheduled to face Perth Magistrates Court on July 19.

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"We can assure our residents and the community that we have done a thorough investigation," the city spokeswoman said.

"This appears to be an isolated incident and the city believes it has addressed any potential risk to the community."

Sharon and Michael said the incident continued to play on the minds of their children.

"We go to other cafes, or different places, or even cook and they ask 'does this have marijuana in it?'," Sharon said.

Bada Bing Cafe is a family business run by Sharp and his wife Simona, who have four young children.

AAP is seeking a response from Sharp's lawyer.

Police have also been sought for comment.