'He's Pulled Through': Son Survives Being Shot In Head

A Sydney man has survived a bullet wound to the head, allegedly fired at him by his own father.

David Wieladek was rushed to Liverpool Hospital just after 5pm on Monday night with a serious head wound.

The bullet skimmed passed his head, just above his ear, but didn't penetrate his skull.

"It's remarkable," his long-time friend Anthony Cashman told 10 News First.

"When you hear there's been a gunshot wound to the head, you always fear the worst."

Police outside the home on Tuesday. Photo: Kimberley Pratt

Cashman visited the 32-year-old at his bedside following the four-hour emergency operation to remove the shrapnel from his head.

"He's pulled through his surgery without complication at this stage and form what we understand there's no ongoing damage either," he said.

Police allege it was his father, Leon, who pulled the trigger -- allegedly shooting him from a close distance with a lever action rifle.

David Wieladek. Photo: supplied

The 65-year-old has since been arrested and charged with attempted murder and shooting with intent to kill.

Police also allege the older man did not hold a gun license, nor secure the weapon properly.

His matter was briefly mentioned in Fairfield Local Court on Tuesday, but he remained in his cell.

The father-of-two saved his bail application for his next appearance in August.