Mother Busted Doing Burnout With A Baby On Board

A mother has lost her licence and is facing jail time caught performing a burnout right in front of police with her baby in the backseat.

Police were patrolling outside Liverpool's Krispy Kreme at about 10.50pm on Friday, when they caught the driver of an illegally modified Holden Calais doing a burnout.

Photo: NSW Police

When they pulled the 23 year old over, they noticed her 10-month-old child was in the car.

10 News First spoke to the mother and her partner --who cannot be identified for legal reasons -- who admitted it was a "stupid move".

"I just happened to go over the speed hump and put my foot down, I wasn't doing a big burnout," she said.

Photo: NSW Police

She was charged with aggravated burnout -- an offence, which carries a maximum $3,300 fine and nine months imprisonment, or both, if proven.

The mother was also handed infringement notices for driving a prohibited vehicle, not displaying her p-plates and not carrying her license. Her on-the-spot fines costing her $900 all-up and her right to drive.

"It's seriously not worth it," she said.

"Not worth the trouble, nor the risk."

Photo: NSW Police

Her partner, and father of the child, told reporters they are "very, very sorry".

"We had our kid in the car, it was a very stupid move," he said.

"We know we could have hurt or killed somebody...if you killed your son or someone else's kid you'd never live it down".

Photo: NSW Police

NSW Police's Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Chief Inspector Phil Brooks said Strike Force Puma was set up to target this kind of dangerous driving, already charging 260 people with more than 400 offences.

"Sadly, with the road toll at 189 so far this year, it's this sort of behavior that's costing lives on our roads," he told reporters.

Adding, those that film, upload and promote hoon drivers also face similar outcomes.

The mother was ordered to attend Liverpool Local Court on July 17.

Police also made a child-at-risk report to Family and Community Services in regard to the baby.