'White Trash B***h': Shocking Audio Of Aussie Model's Mid-Air Assault

Audio of an Australian model's in-flight meltdown has revealed the obscenities she hurled at a flight attendant.

Adau Mornyang, 25, from Melbourne, is facing up to 21 years in a US prison after she was convicted of assaulting a flight attendant in March.

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In audio obtained by A Current Affair, Mornyang can allegedly be heard becoming loud and unstable on a United Airlines flight between Melbourne and Los Angeles.

Adau Mornyang
Photo: Instagram/themodeladau.

“You need to shut the f**k up and tolerate whatever the (bleep  bleep) you are getting ya f**k,” Mornyang can be heard saying in the audio.

“Don’t you ever dare come up to me and tell me, ‘oh you are disturbing everybody else.’”

Mornyang also accused flight staff of racism and hit back with racially-motivated slurs.

“Right now I am disturbing everybody else because of f**king you, you f**king white trash b***h,” Mornyang said.

“I am a black African woman who is unstable … who needs to be controlled.”

Adau Mornyang
Photo: Instagram/themodeladau.

The former Miss World Australia contestant allegedly then turned her attention to other passengers and started hurling insults at them.

A court in Los Angeles found Mornyang guilty of assault and interference with a flight crew member in March. The court heard she had ordered "several glasses of wine" before being cut off by staff.

The court was also told other passengers became irritated with Mornyang's behaviour about 8.5 hours into the nearly 16-hour flight. The behaviour included yelling racial slurs and waving her arms.

A flight attendant tried to calm Mornyang, but she retaliated by slapping him in the face. An air marshal then took her to the back of the plane and put her in handcuffs.

When the plane landed in LA, Mornyang was carried off the aircraft while kicking her arms and legs, striking one of the marshals in the chest.

Adau Mornyang
Photo: Instagram/themodeladau.

But, Mornyang claims she doesn't remember any of the flight after mixing two glasses of wine with prescription drugs to help her sleep.

“I was so confused and begging and pleading for them to tell me what I did," Mornyang told News Corp Australia in March.

"I was ignored, I was in and out of consciousness, and was later locked up in federal prison still with no memory of what I was arrested for."

Adau Mornyang
Photo: Instagram/themodeladau.

Mornyang experienced success in modelling from an early age. The South Sudan-born model has worked on global campaigns for Sephora and was a Miss World Victorian finalist and Miss World Australia finalist. She recently walked the runway at New York Fashion Week.

Mornyang faces up to 21 years in the prison for the in-flight incident. She is set to be sentenced next month.

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