$1 Million Reward Over Rape, Murder Of Teen Beauty Queen

Bronwynne Richardson's family will not have the words "Rest In Peace" carved on her gravestone until they know who killed her. 

"She can't rest in peace because she hasn't received peace. She shouldn't be where she is in the first place," Richardson's sister Fiona said on Friday.

Bronwynne Richardson, 17, was allegedly abducted and killed 46 years ago but mystery still surrounds her death.

The teenager from Albury on the NSW-Victoria border was allegedly dragged into a green 1961 FB Holden station wagon with a white roof outside a church on Smollett Street on Friday October 12, 1973.

Albury Church
The area where Police believe Richardson went missing. Photo: NSW Police.

Police allege Richardson was driven to a reserve off Howlong Road about six kilometres outside the town. She was then allegedly sexually assaulted and strangled to death.

Two days later her naked body was found dumped in a lagoon off the Murray River.

Fiona described "Bronny" as a compassionate and community-minded teenager. She took part in beauty pageants to raise money for organisations in the local community.

"She was ... a fantastic big sister. She always made time for me, she always made time for everyone it didn't matter," Fiona said.

"She did a lot of charity work. I remember her participating in beauty pageants and showgirls at the time and she liked to use that to help other people and raise money."

Bronwynne Richardson
Bronwynne Richardson took part in beauty pageants to raise money for organisations in the local community. Photo: NSW Police

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Detective Sergeant George Harvie -- who has since passed away-- said at the time of Richardson's death that more than one person was involved.

"Since that time there have been a number of investigations, two inquests, one in 1975 and one in 2011, and there have been a number of people charged in relation to the matter, however, none of these people have been convicted of any crime," Detective Superintendent Scott Cook told media on Friday.

Three men were charged with her murder in the 1990s. One of the men's charges were withdrawn in October 1990, 17 years after the murder.

In April 1993, two men were charged with concealing knowledge about the alleged crime but they were acquitted.

Bronwynne Richardson
Richardson's body was found dumped in a river two days after she went missing. Photo: NSW Police

In 2014, a man was extradited from South Australia to NSW where he was charged with teenager's alleged abduction, rape and murder, but in 2015 all charges were dropped.

An inquest into Richardson's murder in 2011 found that two men watched as another two allegedly raped and bashed the teen.

Now a $1 million reward is being offered for information that leads to a conviction in the Richardson case.

Fiona was just four-year-old when her sister died, but she was still involved in trying to piece together the circumstances surrounding her alleged murder. Fiona would write down number plates when she travelled anywhere with her parents and give rolls of paper to her parents.

"I didn't know why, but I knew if I could take down number plate numbers and give them to my parents they might be able to give them to the police and that might help. So I would write down every single number plate that I could see when we were driving anywhere," Fiona said.

Bronwynne Richardson
Richardson's family grieves every day for the life she didn't get to live. Photo: NSW Police.

Fiona said the loss of her older sister has devastated their entire family and continues to haunt them every day.

"My mother wakes up every single night, and she has done for 46 years, screaming and she does it every single night and she is 85," Fiona said.

"The day that Bronny died shattered our family, shattered our mum and dad's hearts ... the impact has destroyed our family ... we grieve daily for Bronny and the life that she never got to live."

Police are hoping the new reward will urge anyone with information regarding the alleged crime to come forward.

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