Belle Gibson Admits She Can't Pay $410k Fine

Fake wellness blogger Belle Gibson has returned to court in Melbourne over her failure to pay a $410,000 fine.

The 27 year old was fined after breaching consumer law when she claimed she had brain cancer but healed herself with natural remedies.

Gibson admitted to the court she could not pay back the $410,000 fine on Thursday.

However, bank records show Gibson has spent $91,000 in the past two years, despite only earning $35,000 in that time.

It was also revealed Gibson had purchased $2500 in cryptocurrency since January 2018.

Of the money spent, $13,000 of that expenditure was on clothes, cosmetics and accessories.

Gibson told the court she withdraws money from her account "when she has the means", and that money is then given to a man named 'Clive' to pay her rent.

Clive was mentioned by Gibson in her last court appearance, claiming she lived with the man but did not know what his job was.

Earlier during her time on the witness stand on Thursday, Gibson broke down while being asked about caring for an elderly woman she referred to as 'Claire'.

Wiping away tears, Gibson said providing for the woman, who she was paid to care for through the website Airtasker, showed she had an "empathetic nature".

Gibson continued to cry as she was questioned about someone paying her $1600 to extend a trip to Bali with her son, and told the court she did not know who paid the money.

The court was eventually adjourned for five minutes to allow Gibson to compose herself.

The Federal Court was last month told forensic accounts examining Gibson's bank accounts had discovered "curious" trading, including of crypto-currencies and a Sportsbet account.

Afterpay payments were among "a great many transactions overwhelmingly in the nature of discretionary spending" found, Consumer Affairs Victoria barrister Elle Nikou Madalin told the court.

Belle Gibson leaves the Federal Court in Melbourne. Tuesday, May 14, 2019. Photo: AAP

She added she "absolutely" intended to cough up if she was able.

As well as claiming she cured herself of cancer, the fake wellness blogger lied to customers and said she would donate money from her Whole Pantry app and book sales to charities.

Gibson received $440,500 from sales of her app and book but only donated about $10,000.

Image: AAP

Her barrister, Andrew Tragardh, said his client could not afford to keep coming back to court.

Gibson has been described by a Federal Court judge as having a "relentless obsession with herself" and warned she risks going to jail for failing to pay the $410,000.

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