Man Charged After Brutally Ripping Feathers Out Of Emu


An emu had its feathers torn out in a shocking video posted on social media, as onlookers laughed hysterically in the background.

A man has now been charged over the alleged act of animal cruelty, filmed in NSW's north-west over the weekend.

10 daily was sent video of the incident, which had been posted on Snapchat, appearing to show a man pinning an emu down and ripping out handfuls of its feathers. The animal was clearly distressed and tried to kick out of the situation, but the man -- wearing a cap and jacket -- kept it restrained.

Several onlookers are witnesses to the act, filmed on a mobile phone and uploaded to social media.

"This is gonna be funny," a woman, who appears to be filming the incident, can be heard saying.

She laughs loudly as the man pulls the emu out from under a wire fence and wrestles it as it tries to squirm away. The man then pulls out multiple clumps of its feathers, throwing them in the air, as the onlookers cackle.

It is unclear from the footage when or where it was captured, but on Thursday, NSW Police confirmed a 19-year-old man had been charged over the incident.

"On Monday (June 10, 2019), police were made aware of a social media video circulating, allegedly showing a man pulling feathers out of a distressed emu, while those filming laughed," police said in a statement.

Rural crime investigators began looking into the incident, and believe it was filmed on Sunday at a property in the town of Quambone, two hours north-west of Dubbo, in central NSW.

"Following intensive inquiries, a 19-year-old man was arrested at a Dubbo home [on Wednesday]," police said.

"He was taken to Dubbo Police Station and charged with recklessly beat etc cause prolonged suffering to the animal. The man was granted conditional bail to appear at Dubbo Local Court on Monday 22 July 2019."