'Don't Do Drugs In Bali': Woman's Warning After Indonesia Charge

An Australian woman on trial for drug possession in Bali has issued a warning to other people who might be thinking of talking the path she allegedly did. 

Kim Anne Alloggia, who is originally from Taree in north NSW, spoke to media after the first day of her trial.

"I still love Bali," Alloggia said.

"Don't do drugs in Bali or Indonesia. Say no to drugs."

The 51-year-old is facing charges of drug importation and drug possession.

Woman Drug Warning
Alloggia warned people to 'say no to drugs'.

She arrested on March 2 after 0.57 grams of marijuana oil was discovered in a package sent to her from the US. Alloggia is a tie-dye and textile designer, and the oil was found in a package of fabric.

When Alloggia was arrested, she told police the package was sent to her by a friend but that she didn't order the marijuana. She also told police she was ready to claim responsibility for the alleged crime.

On the first day of her trial, prosecutors told the court Alloggia revealed to police that she is a marijuana user. Three separate charges have been brought against her. In Bali, drug importation carries a maximum 15-year jail sentence and drug possession carries a jail term of 12 years.

Drug use alone carries a maximum four-year jail sentence.

Woman Drug Warning
Alloggia will return to court on June 20.

There is a possibility Alloggia's lawyers will try to have these charges dropped in favour of a personal drug use charge and have her sent to rehabilitation instead of jail.

Alloggia will return to court on June 20.

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