Shocking Moment Masked Hitman Opens Fire In 'Targeted Attack'

The confronting moment a man decked out in military-style clothing stormed a home in Melbourne armed with a gun has been captured on CCTV.  

The Echo Taskforce, the group that deals with gang-related crime released vision of two separate incidents on Wednesday morning to gain more information about the attacks.

“This footage is confronting and in releasing it we’re hoping that someone will come forward with information," State Anti-Gangs Division Detective Superintendent Peter Brigham said on Wednesday.

The first incident occurred on Tuesday June 4, when a gunman wearing a balaclava and what appears to be a military style jacket jumped over a fence and into the front yard of a home in Reservoir in Melbourne's north at about 12.50am.

Melbourne CCTV Shooting
The man dressed in a balaclava approached the home. Photo: Victoria Police.

As he ran to the door of the home, the man opened fire shooting about five shots. He then hit and kicked the door and can be heard demanding the residents "open up". When he couldn't gain access to the house he fled the scene and jumped into a waiting getaway car.

Incredibly, the four residents at the property were not injured.

Just four days later on June 8, CCTV shows a 20-year-old resident leaving the same Reservoir home at about 1.30am. He appeared to be approaching a black Porsche SUV that was parked outside.

Melbourne CCTV Shooting
The man demanded the residents "open up". Photo: Victoria Police.

A man jumped out of the SUV and started firing shots at the man, who quickly ran back towards the house. The SUV sped from the scene and was later located burnt out in Mitchell Street Brunswick East about 1.55am.

The 20-year-old was taken to hospital with non- life-threatening injuries.

Police have said the dual-attacks appear to be targeted however did not confirm if the gunman in the two incidents was the same person.

Melbourne CCTV Shooting
The 20-year-old victim casually approached a vehicle outside his home. Photo: Victoria Police.

"As part of the investigation, we are looking to possible links with outlaw motorcycle gangs and those with ties to Middle Eastern organised crime," Brigham.

"At this stage, there is no evidence to suggest the shootings are linked to any other incidents we’re aware of.”