Accused Darwin Gunman Apologises During Court Appearance

With his face and head covered in cuts and scratches, accused top-end mass killer Ben Hoffmann apologised during a very brief court appearance.

“I’m very sorry about what’s happened”, Hoffmann said via video-link from a small room at Darwin’s Holtze prison.

The 45-year-old, who wore a red t-shirt and white shorts, and was watched from behind by two uniformed guards was not handcuffed.

“I do need help. I’ve asked for help,” he told Judge Elizabeth Morris, before asking to speak to his lawyer Peter Maley.

Hoffmann is charged with four counts of murder, two counts of recklessly endangering life and a single count of damage to property.

Police say it’s likely he was high on the drug “ice” when he allegedly embarked on a deadly rampage across Darwin on Tuesday evening, which left four men dead and a woman in hospital with leg injuries.

Hoffmann did not make an application for bail, and he was remanded in custody to face the local court again in September

The Judge also revoked his parole.

Members of the Territory Response Group (TRG) arrest a suspected gunman in Darwin. Image: AAP

Outside court, Maley would not elaborate on why his client needed “help”.

“I have spoken to Mr Hoffmann, it’s an ongoing investigation and the matter has been adjourned so there will be no further comments until we get the balance of the police brief,” he said.