Driver Left Confused After Copping 'Ridiculous' Fine

A NSW man has been left confused after receiving a 'ridiculous' $337 fine.

The man was fined in April, while travelling on the Pacific Highway near Heatherbrae, in the NSW Hunter Region.

The offence listed was "drive vehicle with TV/VDU image visible", resulting in the $337 fine and three demerit points.

The man claims it was his passenger who was using a laptop, not him.

Image: Facebook

He posted a photo of the fine on the Facebook page 'Police in the Area', with the hope someone could explain it to him.

"Can anyone help me with this ridiculous fine ?!" he wrote.

"Passenger next to driver playing with laptop and I get fine for distracting?

"Is this real? I cannot believe."

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According to the NSW Roads and Maritime list of general driving rules, the police were correct in dishing out the fine.

NSW Roads and Maritime rules.

The rules state a fine can be handed out if the screen is visible to a driver.

"Drive vehicle with TV/VDU image visible to driver" and "drive vehicle with TV/VDU image likely to distract driver" are both listed. Both come with a $337 fine but only the first offence results in demerit points.

NSW Roads and Maritime confirmed to 10 daily that it was a legitimate fine, but said other screens, such as a phone, were less likely to cause the same response from the police.

"They shouldn't be a problem unless they are distracting the driver," a spokesperson said,

As for this driver, the image suggests he has put the fine in for a review.