Alleged Darwin Shooter Was Looking For 'Alex', Police Say

Alleged Darwin shooter Ben Hoffman may have been hunting for a certain individual during the massacre, police have revealed.

UPDATE: Police have released new details about the victims of the Darwin shooting, while repeating calls for anyone who may have sighted one of three cars suspected shooter Ben Hoffman drove over the course of the day to come forward.

Taxi driver Hassan Baydoun, 33, had already been named as a victim, but on Wednesday afternoon police offered details into the three others killed: three men aged 52, 57, and 75.

Hassan Baydoun was killed while on his meal break as a taxi driver. Source: Facebook.

A 22-year-old woman also sustained non-life threatening injuries to her legs. She is currently in hospital in a stable condition.

The woman was shot first, at a location in Finniss Street, after police allege Hoffman threatened two others. They say he was searching for someone known to him. Baydoun was shot at the same location and died at the scene.

The 75-year-old man was fatally shot approximately five minutes later at a residence in Gardens Hill Crescent. Police allege Hoffman swiftly moved on to the Buff Club in Stuart Park, where he fatally shot the 57-year-old man just four minutes later.

His alleged final victim, the 52-year-old man, was fatally shot at an address in Jolly Street, Woolner.

It is still unclear whether the victims were known to the offender.

Ben Hoffman
The alleged Darwin shooter Ben Hoffman. Photo: Facebook/ Ben Hoffman

Police also revealed that Hoffman was attempting to enter a police station in Berrimah prior to his arrest.

"At this stage it is unclear as to why he was trying to enter the police station," a statement said.

Hoffman then contacted the Joint Emergency Services Communications Centre, requesting police protection.

Police have seized three vehicles -- a white Toyota Hilux with the registration plate CC26QE, a red Holden Commodore with the registration CC01IR, and a silver Proton with the registration CD49OU -- they believe the shooter drove over the course of the day, and are asking anyone who might have seen them to come forward.

Hoffman remains in hospital under police guard. He is expected to be charged either Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

The woman was shot first, at a location in Finniss Street, after police allege Hoffman threatened two others.


Alleged Darwin shooter Ben Hoffman may have been hunting for a certain individual during the massacre, police have revealed.

Hoffman, 45, was taken into custody on Tuesday night after a shooting left one person injured and four people dead.

Witness have indicated to police the shooter was looking for a certain person called 'Alex', who was interstate at the time of the shooting.

Darwin Shooting
Northern Territory Minister Michael Gunner fronts the media after the shooting. Photo: AAP.

"Initial indications believe it may be that he was looking for certain individuals," Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw said.

"One, in particular, we know was interstate and used to reside at a particular address, and that's why we've taken that line of inquiry."

When pressed, Kershaw confirmed the shooter was looking for one person.

"Is that gentlemen called Alex?" a reporter asked.

"I believe so," Kershaw replied.

Police have located 'Alex' and have spoken to him.

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Police allege Hoffman used a pump-action 12-gauge shotgun -- a prohibited firearm -- to shoot five people, moving between eight locations over a period of six hours.

He was arrested at the corner of McMinn and Daly St at about 6.45pm on Tuesday night, after being tasered. There are some reports he was trying to turn himself into police at the time of the arrest, but police are yet to interview him to see if that is the case.

"He was armed at the time [of the arrest]," Kershaw said. "He was kicking that door in."

darwin shooting
In a supplied screen grab obtained on Tuesday, June 4, 2019, Members of the Territory Response Group (TRG) arrest a suspected gunman in Darwin. Photo: ABC / AAP.

Hoffman had been released from jail just five months before the shooting and was wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet. The bracelet was on during the entire shooting spree.

The Northern Territory government has now ordered an "immediate" review of all 103 people on parole and 196 people on active monitoring.

"This work will be thorough. It will be completed by the end of next week. While we have no reason to believe an event like this will occur again, it is critical we make every effort that it does not," NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner said.

There will also be a review of the parole process and the specific circumstances of Hoffman's case.

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Police cordon off Palms Motel in Darwin after the shooting. Photo: AAP.

Whilst on parole, Hoffman received one minor breach for breaking his curfew by less than an hour and was subject to a 14-day custodial sentence. He was subject to random drug testing, all of which returned negative tests.

There are eight active crime scenes, as police work to piece together what led to the "horrific crime".

They are working to establish if there was a relationship between the shooting victims. Police are talking to the families and others to assist with inquiries.

The names of the victims have yet to be released.

Timeline of Events

4pm - Humpty Doo, approximately 40km north of Darwin

5.39pm - 5.51pm - Darwin city

5.54pm - 5.57pm - 18 Gardens Hill Crescent

5.59pm - the Buff Club

6.05pm - 6.13pm - Jolly St

6.22pm - 6.25pm - Peter Mcauley Center in Berrimah

6.44pm - corner of McMinn and Daly St, where Hoffman was arrested