Catfish Stalker Who Impersonated Australian Actor To Be Sentenced

A Melbourne woman who impersonated an Aussie soap star to prey on female victims is due to be sentenced for her crimes.

Lalor woman Lydia Abdelmalek, 29, was found guilty of six counts of stalking after assuming various aliases, including that of Home and Away actor Lincoln Lewis.

News of her 'catfish' activity, used in one instance to form a deceptive online relationship with a former acquaintance of Lewis, made national headlines when the case surfaced in April.

Lydia Abdelmalek. Photo: 10 News First

She used the phone, post, social media and emails to communicate with her victims while living in Melbourne's north.

Lewis, 31, the son of rugby league great Wally Lewis, was made aware of the scam when contacted by one of the victims.

Lincoln Lewis
Lincoln Lewis was influenced. Photo: Getty Images

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A suppression order remains in place to protect the identity of the victims and their families to "avoid causing undue distress and embarrassment".

Abdelmalek will be sentenced at Heidelberg Magistrates Court on Thursday.