Three Boys, As Young As 12, Allegedly Led Police On High-Speed Car Chase

A 12-year-old boy and two teenagers have been charged over leading police on a high-speed chase in a stolen car.

The group of boys, who were all already on bail for previous offences, faced a Sydney children's court on Wednesday following the alleged joy-ride.

Police started chasing a stolen black Lexus in the suburb of Shalvey, near Penrith, about 9:30pm on Tuesday night. Police called their pursuit off when the Lexus allegedly crossed to the wrong side of the road in nearby Bidwell.

Soon after, the car was involved in a crash with three other vehicles near the intersection of Luxford Road and Rooty Hill Road North at Hassall Grove.

Police arrested two boys, aged 12 and 15, at the scene of the crash, but the older boy was later released without charge.

Police arrested two boys at the scene. PHOTO: 10 News First

Police dogs found two others, aged 14 and 17,  hiding in a nearby backyard after they allegedly ran from the scene.

A neighbour said she heard a "bang" before her son ran outside to check on the "commotion".

"There were police in our yard, they were telling everybody to get inside," the woman told reporters.

"They were yelling, 'get down, get down' to the little ones and you could hear the dog barking."

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The court heard an elderly driver from one of the vehicles involved in the crash was treated for injuries but was not taken to hospital.

Outside court, the mother of one of the boys said she was grateful the outcome was not tragic.

"They are just naughty kids ... thank god it didn't kill themselves or the people who were in the car," she said.

"He will be sorry."

CCTV captures the pursuit in Sydney's west on Tuesday night. PHOTO: Supplied

Police claimed the Lexus was reported stolen from nearby Winston Hills over a week ago, but could not say who stole it or who was driving during the incident on Tuesday night.

The 12-year-old boy wasn't charged with being in the stolen car, but faced court on Tuesday for breaching his bail.

The two older boys, 14 and 17, were accused of being in the stolen car -- on a charge each of carry and conveyance -- as well as 18 bail breaches between them.

In court on Wednesday, the magistrate granted the 12 year old bail but choose to keep the older boys in custody.