Driver Fails To Fool Police With Fake Interlock Device

A Victorian driver has been caught with a fake interlock device.

Police pulled over a car with Victorian registration plates on Kidman Way in the NSW Riverina district on Tuesday.

"The driver produced a current Victorian Class HC, with a condition being that he must have an alcohol Interlock fitted," NSW Police said.

The driver told police he had an interlock system and showed them a device that "resembled" an interlock.

Photo: NSW Police

However, police noticed the device was fake, made from of a wooden block wrapped in black electrical tape with a generic alcohol tester taped to it.

To complete the illusion, it is also alleged the driver taped electrical wires to the block and shoved the underneath the plastic dashboard.

The driver was also discovered to have been living in NSW for more than three months without obtaining a NSW driver's license.

Photo: NSW Police

The fake device was seized and he was issued with a court attendance notice for not having an approved interlock device installed and for driving without a NSW license after being a resident in NSW for more than three months.

he will face Griffith Local Court in July.