Tree Honouring Julia Gillard Vandalised, Cut Down In Memorial Garden

A NSW council will replace a tree planted in honour of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, after it was damaged by vandals this week.

The Corridor Of Oaks, a garden in the Blue Mountains area which honours former Australian PMs, reported a case of vandalism when a tree planted by Gillard in 2017 was damaged.

The garden, in the suburb of Faulconbridge, is meant as a tribute to Sir Henry Parkes, known as the 'father of federation', with trees in honour of each Prime Minister since 1934.

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Gillard planted her oak tree in July 2017, but on Tuesday, visitors found it had been vandalised. A photo posted to Reddit showed the tree had been cut down at the base of its trunk.

Julia Gillard's tree, at the Corridor of Oaks. Photo: Reddit

"A resident reported to Blue Mountains City Council on Wednesday, 22 May, that the tree had been cut down. It cannot be saved," Blue Mountains council told 10 daily.

"Council’s horticulture team will purchase another tree and plant it, at the same location, as soon as possible. Council’s Conservation Management Plan ensures that any acts of vandalism at the site are recorded and measures taken for replacements to be installed."

It is unknown when the tree was cut down.

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The council said it was not the first time a PM had been targeted by vandals at the garden, with a tree honouring John Howard having been vandalised numerous times since it was planted in 2000.

"Council extends an invitation to a Prime Minister to plant a tree at the corridor, when they assume the Prime Minister’s Office. Often the planting occurs after they have stepped down from the position," the council said.

" Oak trees have been planted by each Prime Minister (or their closest living relative) since 1934, forming a living memorial to Sir Henry Parkes, to Federation and to Australia’s Prime Ministers."