Justine Damond's 911 Call Before Murder Made Public

Audio from Justine Damond's final phone call reveals her distress as she reported a crime happening near her home.

The Australian life coach called 911 on the night she was murdered to report a possible sexual assault occurring behind her home. She was shot dead by Mohamed Noor, one of the officers sent out to help.

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For the first time, the audio from the call has been released to the public, revealing Damond 's concern for the wellbeing of a woman she thought was being assaulted.

Australian woman Justine Damond was killed outside her home in 2017. Photo: Supplied.

The audio files were released alongside some vision from a body camera worn by one of the officers at the crime scene on the night she died.  All files were used as evidence during Noor's trial.

"Hi. I can hear someone out the back of my house. I am not sure if she is having sex or being raped," Damond told the operator during the 911 call she made on the night of July 15, 2017.

"She just yelled out help. It's difficult. The sound has been going on for a little while but I don't think she is enjoying it.

"It sounds like sex noises but it has been going on for a while. And I think she just said help and sounds distressed."

Justine called 911 back a little while after reporting the assault, asking why officers hadn't attended the scene. She was assured police were on their way.

The body camera vision shows the moments following the shooting, as officers tried to piece together what had happened.

"We pulled up here," Noor's partner Matthew Harrity said.

"Uh, we were about ready to just clear and go to another call. She just came up outta nowhere. On the other side of the thing and we both got spooked. I had my gun out. I didn’t fire and then Noor pulled out and fired."

Noor was found guilty of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter over her death on April 30.

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Following Noor's guilty verdict, Damond's fiancé Don Damond described the cruel reality of his partner calling police for help, only to be killed by an officer she should have been able to trust.

Justine and Don Damond. Photo: AAP.

"That night there was a tragic lapse of care and a disregard for the sanctity of life," he said.

"This case is about Justine and Justine lived to teach us about love ... and she demonstrated what it means to live from the heart. She was a living example of compassion. In her life, she committed to transforming humanity and her legacy is continuing that work today."

Noor faces up to 15 years in prison and will be sentenced on June 7.

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