Mass Murder Of Jewish Students Planned Before Alleged ISIS-Inspired Attack

A court has heard a man who stabbed his neighbour in an ISIS-inspired attack originally planned to use the knife to murder Jewish students at Sydney University.

Ihsas Khan -- who is staring down life in jail -- got into the witness box on Thursday in the hope of convincing a judge he’s no longer a terrorist.

Instead, Khan dropped a bombshell -- he’d bought the hunting knife online and taken it to class.

“I was planning on using it on Jewish students in the university to kill them. Just people wearing the Jewish head gear, the Kippah," he said.

Victim Wayne Greenhalgh (right) and wife Bronwen Greenhalgh at the Supreme Court. Photo: AAP

The knife was purchased months before he chased his neighbour Wayne Greenhalgh down the street repeatedly stabbing the grandfather, who only survived by diving into a nearby Minto hairdresser.

Khan wanted to gut Greenhalgh and carve ISIS into his forehead before cutting his head off. Luckily, he didn’t get that far, but his victim still has nightmares.

“How can I put in words, the unbearable pain I felt as he attacked me with a knife, I thought I was going to die,” Greenhalgh said.

NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Catherine Burn, left, and Australian Federal Police Acting Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan leave a news conference in Sydney after the attack in 2016. Photo: AP

Khan admitted he’d been an extremist for years, describing himself as a “jih-hobbist”, "a hobbyist who is interested in jihad”. He targeted his neighbour because he thought Greenhalgh supported war crimes, a warped belief based on a t-shirt with an American flag that the grandfather had once worn.

Khan looked at Wayne from his position in the witness box, and said;

I hated you so much. I can’t believe I got it so wrong. I messed up a completely innocent man’s life.

The terrorist was trying to convince a judge he is sorry and de-radicalised, but admitted he’d lied to doctors so that their reports focused more on his mental illness than radical beliefs.

Khan faces life behind bars, with the judge to decide his fate next month.