Boss Praises 'Brave' Worker Stabbed In Eye During Alleged Robbery

A student is recovering in hospital after allegedly being stabbed in the head, the blade ending up just millimetres from her brain and eye.

Rachel Fan was working behind the counter of Parramatta’s Cignell tobacco store on Monday night, when a teenager -- armed with a knife -- allegedly stormed in, demanding cash .

The 24-year-old tried to fight him off with a chair, but the teen allegedly threw the kitchen knife at her. It lodged just below her eyebrow.

Her boss, Kelvin Wu, told 10 News First that she was “lucky” the weapon didn’t cause a fatal injury.

Rachel Fan. Photo: supplied

“Luckily, after the X-ray and the CT [scan] they found that the knife didn’t touch the brain or the eyes,” he said, as he cleaned up the mess behind the counter from the attack.

He said his young employee was "too brave".

Bystanders saw the altercation and called emergency crews, who had a delicate and “rare” task to transport her to hospital.

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“The knife was still embedded in her eye socket when we got there… and if you move it at all or push into any of those blood vessels that are behind her eye, she could lose her eye altogether,” NSW Ambulance Acting Inspector Joe Ibrahim told reporters.

“Paramedics are quite versed in seeing objects or even knives sticking out of people’s bodies, but certainly not so close to such a vital organ.”

Photo: supplied

Fan underwent surgery to remove the blade at Westmead Hospital on Monday night, and remained there Tuesday in a stable condition.

Police say they arrested the teenager at 1am on Tuesday morning. The boy was charged with robbery armed with an offensive weapon causing wounding and was refused bail.

Her accused attacker remains in custody to apply for bail next Tuesday.