Police Find Nearly One Million Dollars Allegedly Stashed In Rental Car Fuel Tank

A "nervous" looking driver has been charged after police allegedly discovered more than $900,000 in cash concealed inside a fuel tank of the rental car he was driving.

NSW Police said they stopped the man who "appeared nervous" in the early hours of Friday morning in Broken Hill in the state's far west.

Officers said the driver raised suspicions leading them to search his vehicle, where they allegedly found an 'ice' pipe in his luggage.

But in a statement, NSW Police said it was a new fuel storage tank in the car that raised officers' suspicions further after they found the tank with 400-litre capacity only three-quarters full.

Image: NSW Police

NSW Police said officers seized the vehicle and took it to a local machinery dealer who drained the fuel, which allegedly revealed the fuel tank had a false bottom.

Inside the tank police allegedly found a steel-box allegedly containing a staggering $947,000 cash.

Image: NSW Police

The 52-year-old driver was charged with deal in proceeds of crime and goods in custody and was refused bail.

He is due to appear in Broken Hill Bail Court on Saturday.