Man Allegedly Floods Hotel With 400,000 Litres Of Water, Found Holding Mop

A man allegedly flooded a Melbourne hotel with 400,000 litres of water by opening fire hydrants on 18 floors. 

Bradley Vogt, 28, was found in a stairwell of the Experience Bell hotel in Southbank holding a mop.

He allegedly consumed a large amount of drugs in his room in the hotel in May 2018 before deciding to open the hydrants to full-capacity on levels one to 18.

Melbourne Hotel Flooded
Firefighters were called to manage the flood. Photo: 10 News First

More than 300 residents and guests at the 33-story building were evacuated onto City Road as the halls and stairwells flooded. Water started leaking through the floors and affected the electricity supply.

After finding Vogt in the stairwell, firefighters instructed him to leave the building for his own safety. He was later found on level four of the building after allegedly having re-opened a hydrant.

Melbourne Hotel Flooded
300 people were evacuated from the hotel. Photo: 10 News First

He was found lying on the floor, submerged in water and still holding the mop.

Vogt then barricaded himself inside a room in the hotel and allegedly battled with police as they tried to arrest him.

The Melbourne Magistrates Court heard on Tuesday that Vogt told emergency crews, “I had to do it. They are coming to get me. It is not safe.”

Melbourne Hotel Flooded
Police managed to arrest the man on the ground floor of the hotel. Photo: 10 News First

Police also alleged Vogt was found with two ziplock bags of methamphetamines.

After the entire building was evacuated and the man arrested, police found another man inside the same hotel room where Vogt was staying, also allegedly high on drugs.

This man was oblivious to the 400,000 litres of water that had flooded the hotel.

Police At Melbourne Magistrates Court
Police leaving court after Vogt hearing. Photo: AAP Photos.

Vogt is now facing seven charges, including intentionally causing damage up to $2 million, interfering with a hydrant and trafficking ice.

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