Patient Allegedly Stabbed Nurse In Back With Scissors During Violent Attack

A woman remains under police guard after three nurses and a patient were attacked at a Sydney hospital.

Police say the woman became agitated at around 8.30pm on Saturday evening and she started hitting the wall in her room at Royal Prince Albert Hospital.

Staff attempted to calm the 29-year-old when she managed to grab scissors from a nurse's pocket.

The woman allegedly stabbed a nurse twice in the back after she fell to the ground. Two other nurses rushed to her aid and they too were allegedly stabbed. They sustained minor injuries.

RPA Stabbing
Three nurses were allegedly attacked at RPA Hospital. Image: 10 News First

The patient then fled from her room and entered the room of another. She then allegedly stabbed a 75-year-old woman in the face.

Hospital security restrained the woman and she was sedated by staff.

Police arrived at the scene shortly after, where they launched an investigation into the incident.

RPA Stabbing
Police arrived at the Hosptial after 8.30pm. Image: 10 News First

Another patient Ted Smith told 10 News First the scene was chaotic when Police arrived.

"There was panic. There was tension in the air," Smith said.

"The cops rushed in, hands on holsters for a period, a bit of panic but we just cleared out."

RPA Stabbing
Witness Ted Smith. Image: 10 News First

Smith said he saw "four individual police officers" but there were also " more cars and stuff buzzing" around the area.

The 29-year-old woman is still in hospital under police guard as investigations continue.

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