Stranger Punches Kid Mid-Tantrum At Kmart

In a bizarre and shocking incident at the popular chain store, a mother was left in shock when her two-year-old son was punched in the head.

The mother was with her son at Kmart Albany in Auckland, New Zealand, on May 2.

The boy's mother has said an older woman allegedly pushed her shopping trolley and punched her son as the boy threw a 'tantrum' at the store's checkout.

Speaking to the New Zealand Herald the mother-of-three, Rebecca, said she had her three young sons with her at the store when one of her sons grew impatient as she scanned her goods and threw a 'tantrum'.

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"He wouldn't usually behave like this, but I've got to admit -- it was a really bad tantrum. Probably one of the worst I would have seen," she told The Herald.

Generic photo of child in supermarket. Photo: Getty

It was then that the situation escalated. Rebecca said she saw a trolley that had allegedly been pushed that was heading towards her son. When she confronted the woman, the woman, who Rebecca said was around 60, began abusing her over her son's tantrum.

After the confrontation, the mother went to the store manager and put in a formal complaint, and it was then she discovered something truly shocking.

CCTV footage from the incident indicated the woman had allegedly also punched her son 'with some force' when the mother's back was turned.

Rebecca said her son was fine and both the store and Police are investigating the incident.

Police confirmed they were reviewing CCTV footage.