Cuban Revolutionary's Face Printed On Huge Sydney Cocaine Haul

Authorities have uncovered a huge quantity of cocaine which was set to hit Sydney's streets.

The consignment note claiming the shipping container was filled with "wooden furniture" wasn't a lie. It just omitted one thing: 68kg of cocaine, worth an estimated $34 million on Sydney streets.

Wrapped in dozens of individual packets, each with an iconic image of Cuban revolutionary figure Che Guevara printed on the side, the drugs were hidden not in the furniture itself, but in a secret compartment in the bottom of one of the crates holding the cheap tables and chairs.

Photo: NSW Police

Law enforcement sources tell 10 News First the workmanship was impressive and while the cavity was well concealed, it was no match for the giant x-ray machines used at the Australian border.

The container arrived in Sydney on a ship from South Africa in early April.

Authorities switched the cocaine for an "inert substance", delivered the cargo to a storage facility in Campbelltown, and waited.

On Tuesday, a 45-year-old South African national was arrested after he allegedly accessed the shipment.

He'd flown into Australia a day earlier. Police sources say he appeared "jetlagged".

Photo: NSW Police

Video footage released by NSW Police shows the man - wearing a plain blue t-shirt - shrugging as he speaks to detectives.

He's been charged with importing a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug and possessing a commercial quantity of an unlawful import (border controlled drug).

The offences carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.