Police Investigating Melbourne Woman's Murder Discount Last Reported Sighting

It has now been almost one week since the body of Vicki Ramadan, 77, was discovered inside her home north-west of Melbourne.

Since investigations began on Saturday morning after her body was discovered by a handy-man, police have been desperately pleading for the public's help to piece together Ramadan's final movements.

On Wednesday police believed the last sighting of Ramadan was on April 1, five days before her body was found.

Image: AAP/Victoria Police

At the time, police said the woman had last been seen at Gourlay Road in Hillside on Monday April 1.

Police thought she was last seen not far from home.

But on Friday, police announced that sighting had now been discounted.

"Further enquiries have led investigators to believe Vicki had not been seen since sometime in March and are appealing for anyone who may have seen Vicki at any time in March or April to come forward," police said in a statement.

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Police confirmed to 10 daily that the last confirmed sighting is now believed to be March 29, when Ramadan was seen wandering the streets looking "a bit lost".

"Neighbours recognised her, knew her and dropped her back home," Detective Sergeant Graham Ross said on Sunday.

Police believe she was brutally assaulted inside her home and had been deceased for some time before her body was found.

"It was a brutal attack, there's no other way of putting it," Detective Inspector Andrew Stamper said on Wednesday.

"A vulnerable 77-year-old woman living by herself it really was a horrific attack."

Image: Kristina Costalos

Despite the discounted sighting, police are again reiterating that Ramadan was well-known in the area and often seen walking to locations or using buses and taxis to get around.

Police said she was also well known to local traders.

Questions are still being asked over multiple reports Ramadan had recently made to police about burglaries in her home.

Earlier this week police confirmed they were still actively investigating any links to a property across the road from Ramadan's which has been known to be frequented by squatters.

Featured Image: AAP/Victoria Police

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