Man To Be Charged Over 'Egg Boy' Assault

A 20-year-old man will be charged after allegedly kicking 'Egg Boy' while he was on the ground after a confrontation with Senator Fraser Anning.

Will Connolly and Anning himself were cleared of criminal charges after the infamous egging incident in Melbourne in March. But Victoria Police this week announced they were pursuing action against a man who appeared to kick Connolly while he was on the ground and restrained by Anning's supporters.

"Police have charged a man following an assault in Moorabbin on 16 March," Victoria Police said in a statement on Tuesday afternoon.

"A 20-year-old West Footscray man has been interviewed in relation to a 17-year-old Hampton boy being kicked a number of times at a speaking engagement on Roberna Street.

"He has been released and will be charged on summons with assault by kicking."

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Earlier Tuesday, police announced they would not be pursuing action against Connolly or Anning.

"Investigators reviewed CCTV footage of the incident and both parties were interviewed," police said in a statement.

"The 17-year-old Hampton boy has been issued with an official caution in relation to the incident. A decision has been made not to charge the 69-year-old man. On assessment of all the circumstances, the 69-year-old’s actions were treated as self-defence and there was no reasonable prospect of conviction."

Connolly attended an event in Melbourne on March 16 after Anning, 69, released a widely-condemned statement blaming Muslim immigration for the Christchurch terror attack.

He told The Project he was "flat out disgusted" by the statement and Anning's subsequent comments at the event that "empowered (him) to egg him".

Anning reacted quickly, turning and appearing to hit Connolly twice on the head, before a group of his supporters violently tackled and  restrained the teenager.