RBT Leads To $1.1 Million Cannabis Find

A man has been arrested near Broken Hill in NSW after police stopped his van for a random breath test and discovered more than 57 kilograms of cannabis in his vehicle.

The 69-year old Queensland man driving a Mercedes Benz flat-bed van was pulled over at 2.30am on Monday during a routine vehicle stop.

After noticing that the man's license was from the Northern Territory, the NSW Police officers questioned him further and then decided to search the truck.

The officers discovered cannabis worth $1.1 million as well as over $20,000 in cash.

The cannabis was being stored in the back cab of the truck and police photographs show a compartment below the level of the tray.

The man has been charged with supply of a prohibited drug greater than a commercial quantity, as well as dealing in the proceeds of crime.

He appeared at Broken Hill Local Court yesterday where he was refused bail and has been scheduled to appear in the same court in early June.