Firies Left Perplexed By Mass Hospitalisation With No Apparent Cause

Thirteen factory workers have been hospitalised after being exposed to chemicals in Newcastle.

Emergency services were called to a factory on Woodstock Street, in Mayfield East at about 8am on Monday morning, following reports of a chemical spill.

Image: Google Maps

Five ambulance crews responded to the incidence, with 13 people taken to hospital after experiencing nausea. All patients are currently under observation

NSW Police confirmed to 10 daily a hazmat operation was underway at the site.

The NSW Environment Protection Agency also confirmed it was working with Fire and Rescue to investigate the cause of the spill.

As of Thursday afternoon, the chemical has still not been identified.

A spokesman for NSW Fire and Rescue confirmed to 10 daily atmospheric testing and readings for possible dangerous chemicals came back 'negative or within safe limits'.

He said the situation was quite 'strange' as there was no obvious cause for the mass illness.

The site has been handed back to the owner.