HOAX: 'Teen' Claimed To Be Boy Who Vanished In 2011

DNA test results have proven a 'teenager' claiming to be a boy who vanished nearly eight years ago is not the missing child.

Timmothy Pitzen disappeared in 2011 when he was 6 years old. He was last seen with his mother in Illinois before she was found dead in a motel room after apparently taking her own life.

The FBI was now involved in this investigation.

Authorities confirmed the DNA test was done and confirmed the teenager was not Timothy.

Police have identified the 'teen' as 24-year-old Brian Michael.

"Although we are disappointed that this turned out to be a hoax, we remain diligent in our search for Timmothy, as our missing person's case remains unsolved," police said in a statement.

A home video shows a carefree Pitzen just months before he vanished. Now nearly eight years later, there may finally be a break in the case.

According to a police report, a 14-year-old who identified himself as Pitzen said he fled to Newport, Kentucky, Wednesday after escaping "two kidnappers that have been holding him for seven years."

Timmothy Pitzen disappeared mysteriously in 2011. Source: CBS.

"He looked like he had been beat up," one witness said.

"He said that he was tired and he's been passed around and he's lost," another said.

The teen allegedly told police he "had been staying at a Red Roof Inn" but he wasn't sure where. He described the kidnappers as two white males with "body-builder type build." One allegedly had a spider web tattoo on his neck and the other a snake tattoo on his arms.

Pitzen was last seen in May 2011. He was spotted on surveillance video at various parks and resorts days after his mother, Amy Fry-Pitzen, picked him up from his elementary school just outside of Chicago. But on May 14, Fry-Pitzen was found dead in a motel room of an apparent suicide. She allegedly left a note that said Pitzen was safe with people who loved him, but would never be found.

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"She was definitely wrestling with the demons and the demons were winning," Pitzen's father, James Pitzen, said of Fry-Pitzen. In 2017, James Pitzen told Crime Watch Daily that his wife struggled with mental health issues, but he didn't believe she would harm their son. "I can't see her doing that, taking his life, that's just not her," he said.

Alana Anderson, mother of Amy Fry-Pitzen and grandmother of Timmothy Pitzen, holding a photograph of her grandson at her home in Antioch. Source: Getty.

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