Human Remains Found In Freezer Buried In Missing Father's Backyard

A 24-year-old man has been arrested after police found human remains inside a freezer buried in the backyard of a missing Ipswich father.

David Thornton, 58, was last seen on February 22 in North Ipswich, near his home suburb of Goodna, west of Brisbane.

He was reported missing by his family on March 12 and his disappearance is being treated as suspicious.

In the search for Thornton, police on Monday unearthed two freezers buried in the backyard of his home.  

Image: Queensland Police

Detective Inspector David Briese on Tuesday confirmed one of the freezers contained human remains that are believed to be those of Thornton.

"From the circumstances that we know at this point, we believe that is is likely that it is David," Briese said.

Forensic testing will now be completed to confirm the identity of the deceased.

A small floral vigil has formed outside Thornton's property, where he lived alone.

One man, Tony Caruso, a family friend of Thornton, told reporters he was laying a wreath “to remember him”.

Police began excavating a section of his backyard on Saturday evening and the digging resumed on Monday morning after new information was obtained from witnesses. 

Police unearthed two freezers buried in Thorton's backyard in Goodna. Image: Queensland Police

Briese said the 24 year old is from nearby Peaks Crossing and is believed to have known Thornton "for most of his life".

He had been spoken to by police prior to his arrest on suspicion of murder in Byron Bay on Tuesday, with the assistance of NSW Police.

"Because he knew the victim, he was pretty much treated like everyone else who was assisting us," Briese said. 

"As the investigation grew, he became a more significant person of interest."

Queensland Police will begin extradition of the 24 year old from NSW on Wednesday.

Featured image: Queensland Police