Silver Ring Found In Paddock Near Home Of Missing Woman Roxlyn Bowie

A silver ring with the initial 'R' is hoped to bring police investigators a step closer to answers into the suspicious disappearance of a NSW mum almost 37 years ago.

Roxlyn Bowie was last seen at her Walgett home on the evening of Saturday 5 June 1982.

The 31-year-old left her two young children sleeping in their beds, and the lights, heater and television on.

Police have long suspected Bowie -- described as a "shy and quiet woman" was murdered, but without a body. The cold case has baffled detectives for decades and left her heartbroken family still searching for answers.

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A coronial inquest in September 2014 found Bowie had died after meeting "foul play", but could not determine her cause of death.

In 2018 police undertook a dig at two sites, one just metres from Bowie's family home.

They also used ground penetrating radars to try and uncover any buried evidence from an old industrial site, where concrete slabs were laid at the time of her disappearance.

Roxlyn Bowie
Image: NSW Police

Late last month police announced a fresh dig for clues would commence on a small parcel of land near Bowie's former home and revealed a diamond ring could be the missing clue to her disappearance.

Police released a photo of a diamond ring similar in design to the one they were looking for, in the hopes its recovery would finally lead them to Bowie's body.

Photo: Supplied

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A silver ring with the letter R was found in a paddock near Bowie's home alongside other items which will be undergoing forensic testing, police said on Monday.

Image: NSW Police

Robbery and Serious Crime Squad Commander, Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty, urged anyone with information about the ring to come forward.

Police are asking anyone with information on these items to contact police. Image: NSW Police

“The support from the community in our pursuit to locate Roxlyn Bowie and piece together her last movements has been very beneficial,” Doherty said.

Other items were also uncovered in the dig and will undergo forensic testing. Image: NSW Police

“We’re hoping this assistance can continue as we are keen to speak with anyone who has more information about these items."

Bowie's daughter Brenda, who was six when her mother disappeared, said it was hard living without knowing what happened.

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"From what I remember of my mum, it just seems impossible that she would have left my brother or I, and I just ask that if any of the public can put themselves in my position, I just want answers," Brenda said last year.

Million-Dollar Reward Offered To Crack Roxlyn Bowie Cold Case

A $1 million reward from the NSW government remains on offer for information leading to the location of Bowie's body or leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for her murder.

Featured Image: NSW police