Police Hunt For Culprit Behind 'Incredibly Disturbing' Bashing Of Melbourne Tourist

An American tourist has been left needing brain surgery after a vicious attack in the north of Melbourne.

The 32-year-old man had just gotten off the tram on Bell Street in Preston at about 11.20pm on Wednesday.

The American musician was followed by an unknown man and chased into a vacant car park nearby.

The victim was then repeatedly struck in the head and knocked unconscious, said Detective Senior Constable Matthew Coleiro, from Victoria Police.

Image: Victoria Police

While the victim was unconscious on the ground, the attacker continued to strike him.

Police believe the alleged attacker stood over the victim and taunted him until he regained consciousness, before striking him again.

The offender then left the unconscious victim in the car park, with video showing him picking up a backpack before leaving.

Police said footage shows the victim remained unconscious for "quite some time", before regaining consciousness and walking back to Bell Street.

He was noticed by a passerby about 25 minutes after the attack, and they alerted emergency services.

He was taken to hospital where he had emergency surgery for bleeding on the brain, as well as facial surgery for a broken jaw.

Image: Victoria Police

Police are now hunting for his attacker, who is believed to be aged in his early 30s, with a slim build, a dark beard and balding dark hair.

He was wearing a t-shirt with a white motif on the front and knee-length cargo pants.

Police said the attack appears to unmotivated, and called the footage "incredibly disturbing".