Authorities Investigating Racist Nazi Graffiti At Ethnic Restaurants

Vandals have graffitied vile racial slurs and swastikas across three restaurants in Sydney's north west -- an area known for its Asian immigrant population.

Anouk de Silva took photos of the graffiti on Wednesday night and shared them on Facebook.

The 38-year-old New Zealand-born man told 10 daily he is still mourning the Christchurch massacre, in which 50 people were killed in shootings at mosques, and which closely impacted his relatives who live there.

"It also hits close to home because it's in my dad's neighbourhood. He's old and sick and vulnerable, and he walks around Epping by himself all the time. I fear for his safety now," he told 10 daily.

The graffiti shows swastika symbols, the crest of the Nazi eagle, the SS logo, the words 'white power', and various ethnic slurs.

The offensive vandalism targeted Asians, Blacks and Jews. IMAGE: supplied

Indian restaurant owner Pradeep Rani -- who runs one of the restaurants that was defaced -- said this is the worst vandalism he's ever seen in the area.

"It happened a handful of weeks back .... but it's a bit scarier now after the New Zealand attack," de Silva said.

The other two Epping restaurants vandalised were Korean and Thai.

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According to demographic data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics,  in the Epping LGA ,31 percent of locals identify as having Chinese ancestry. This is the largest ethnic group in the area (including English/Australian).

Epping's Korean and Indian population is also 10 times and three time above the state average respectively.

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NSW police told 10 daily they are aware of the incident and are investigating -- with the potential for charges of malicious damage to be laid.

On Thursday afternoon, the local council shared a tweet saying it is onsite to remove "the offensive graffiti."

It is unclear why it has taken this long to be removed, or if NSW police were alerted to the vandalism before today.

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