Family Unleashes On Emotionless Wife Killer Borce Ristevski

Borce Ristevski showed no emotion in Victoria’s Supreme Court as the prosecution spent an hour reading out his web of lies.

He continued to keep a straight face, although his cheeks turned red, as Karen Ristevski’s loved ones unleashed on him in emotional victim impact statements.

Karen’s aunt Patricia Gray choose to read her victim impact statement to the court. Through tears she described how she flew to Melbourne to help with the desperate search for her niece, and said Borce’s deceit has scarred her for life, “it’s too great for forgiveness,” she said. While staying in Melbourne she described how she began to feel physically sick in Borce Ristevski’s presence, “it was very uncomfortable to watch as he manipulated his family,” she said. “I couldn’t and wouldn’t attend the funeral.”

Sarah Ristevski, daughter of Karen Ristevski, carries a photo of her mother at the funeral. Photo: AAP

A prosecutor read Stephen Williams’ victim impact statement aloud, he called himself Karen’s baby brother, “there are no words to fully express my pain, trauma and mental anguish.”

“Knowing in my heart she wasn’t coming back, but still holding a glimmer of false hope was very painful.”

He described how in the aftermath of Karen’s disappearance, Borce only talked about himself, how the police were targeting him and how he was portrayed in the media.

Two weeks ago the 55-year-old finally admitted to killing his wife.

Karen disappeared the morning of June 29, 2016. Her husband of 27 years told the couple’s only child Sarah and the police at the time that his wife had walked out after a fight over the state of their struggling clothing business. The financial predicament facing the couple at that time has been described in court as serious.

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In opening the case Victoria’s Chief Crown Prosecutor Brendan Kissane QC told the Judge, “to date only one person knows how or why Karen was killed, and that is the prisoner”.

It was left to Sarah Ristevski, then aged 21, to tell family and associates that her mother was missing.

Sarah told police the last time she saw her mother alive she seemed bubbly. Karen said she was going to start work at 1pm.

Police were able to get information from messaging application WhatsApp, showing that Karen used her account to communicate with overseas suppliers for her business between 8:02 and 8:48am that morning. She last accessed that app at 8:57am.

SES volunteers search for Karen. Photo: AAP

At 10:45am CCTV captured her black Mercedes being driven north.

Eight months later her body was discovered hidden between two logs near Mount Macedon. It was so badly decomposed an autopsy couldn’t determine the cause of death.

The prosecution said Ristevski’s actions in disposing of and concealing his wife’s body demonstrated a high degree of callousness.

Borce Ristevski will be sentenced on April 18.